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Magic Witchcraft Spells

This Witchcraft Magickal Spells Pages originally intended be used in the Book of Shadows, Grimoire or as individual magick spells used in rituals, but as time went by Lapulia noticed that her costumers fell in love with this magick spells and felt the need to purchase these spells and rituals to be framed and placed in their homes as a reminder of just how magickal life can be, even in its simplest forms.

Here you will find all sorts of magick spells and rituals for: love spells, protection spells, money spells, circle casting rituals and more. If you do not find a spell or ritual that your are looking for please email us at and we will help you in locating the magick spell you need.

Love Spells

Money Spells

Foundation Series Spells

Sabbats Series Spells

Practical Magick Series Spells

Herbs Series Spell Pages

Stationary Spell Pages

Vintage Series Spells

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Magick Circle Casting Spells
Magick Circle Casting Spells

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